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Langport Quiz

Put your knowledge of the town of Langport in the south-west of England to the test by completing our online quiz. Feel free to consult Bing or Google to help answer the questions!


1 - In which county of England is Langport?


2 - What is the name of the River in Langport?

3 - What is the main street through the town called?

4 - In what year did the Battle of Langport take place?

5 - What is the postcode for the town of Langport?

6 - The Hanging Chapel was built in which century?

7 - The 15th century Church of All Saints has many fine examples of hunky punks. What is the more usual word for a hunky punk?

8 - Approximately how many children attend Huish Episcopi Primary School?

9 - In which nearby village is there a historic windmill?

10 - What is the name of the cycle hire firm in Langport called?

11 - What was the population of Langport at the time of the last census in 2011?

12 - Langport is part of which House of Commons parliamentary constituency?



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Postcode TA10   Telephone Dialing Code: 01458

Nearby towns and villages:

Aller; Burrowbridge; Curry Rivel; Drayton; Hambridge; High Ham; Huish Episcopi;

Ilminster; Long Sutton; Low Ham; Martock; Muchelney; Othery; Pitney; Somerton